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Advance scientific research and understanding through amateur radio activities.
Encourage the development of new technologies to support this research.
Provide educational opportunities for the amateur community and the general public.

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HamSCI Workshop and Operating in the SEQP

HamSCI events were the topics of two recent articles appearing in American Radio Relay League (ARRL) publications. The October, 2023 issue of QST magazine featured a story entitled 'HamSCI Workshop 2023:  A Radio Science Collaboration'.  The Workshop was held at the University of Scranton in mid-March, and the article gave a synopsis of the presentations, poster sessions and other activities which took place during the two day event. QST is read by thousands of ARRL Members each month.  It is the flagship journal of the ARRL. The September/October issue of On The Air carried a story on how and why an amateur radio operator would want to operate in HamSCI's Solar Eclipse QSO Parties.  OTA a bi-monthly magazine aimed at those just getting into (or back into) the hobby of amateur radio.  

Cell phones from 2004-2020

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Grape 1 Personal Space Weather Station

Dozens of Grape Personal Space Weather Stations are now on the air, and the network is growing on a regular basis.  In the last week, stations in Cleveland, OH and Jacksonville, FL were added to the Grape network.  They were Node numbers 63 and 64, respectively.  You can learn more about the Grape 1, including all of the details needed to build, operate and contribute data to the HamSCI PSWS Grape Server here.  The full Grape story, with links to the Grape 1 and the  up and coming Grape 2 are here on the HamSCI site.