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The HamSCI Community is led by The University of Scranton Department of Physics and Engineering W3USR, in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University W8EDU, the University of Alabama, the New Jersey Institute of Technology Center for Solar Terrestrial Physics K2MFF, the MIT Haystack Observatory, TAPR, additional collaborating universities and institutions, and volunteer members of the amateur radio and citizen science communities. We are grateful for the financial support of the United States National Science FoundationNASA, and Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC).

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Noise graph of HF bands at station KPH

Long time HamSCI contributor, propagation analyst and (to put it mildly) WSPR enthusiast Gwyn Griffiths, G3ZIL, recently authored a response to the Federal Communication Commission's Request for Comments on the May 10, 2024 geomagnetic storm, regarding its effects on the US communication sector.  The paper's focus was on the HF bands, for the period of 10-14 May, 2024.

The complete results for the April 8, 2024 running of the GSSC are now available.

CEDAR 2024 logo

HamSCI at the National Science Foundation's CEDAR Workshop: A Thriving Collaboration in Ionospheric Science

The National Science Foundation’s annual Coupling, Energetics, and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions (CEDAR) Workshop, was held June 9-14 in San Diego, CA.  It was once again been a focal point for groundbreaking research and collaboration in ionospheric science. This year, the HamSCI community has been exceptionally active, showcasing their significant contributions to the field.