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HF Receiver Project

There are currently many commerically available software defined radios (SDRs), but none seem to have all of the necessary features needed for an amateur personal space weather station, including cost, frequency accuracy/stability, timestamping, calibration, bandwidth, etc. We aim to create define the necesssary requirements and create an HF receiver suitable for amateur scientific work.


The HF SDR Receiver is being engineering by TAPR as the TangerineSDR. Please visit for the latest information on this project.



General References

GPS Disciplined Oscillators

Red Pitayas

The Red Pitaya is a (relatively) inexpensive multi-purpose development platform and lab instrument that can also be used as a 0.1-60 MHz SDR. While not entirely suited to radio science use, it provides a good starting point using commerically available hardware.

Data Recording

Ionosonde Receiver Project

Magnetometer Project

A magnetometer that is usable for space science/space weather needs to have a resolution > 5 nT to be useful. Inexpensive magnetometers, such as the ones found in cell phones, are typically hall effect or magnetoresistive magnetometers with resolutions > 100 nT and are only sensitive to the very largest (rare) space weather events. 

Planning Documents




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