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Participation is free thanks to support from the The University of Scranton and National Science Foundation

Posters and presentations at the HamSCI workshop are made for community discussion and for exploration of new possibilities. Please note that these materials are not peer-reviewed.

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Friday, March 19, 2021

Eastern Daylight Time UTC Title Presenter Organization

Opening Remarks & Oral Session I
Personal Space Weather Station Engineering & Science

Chair: Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF
Zoom Moderators: Gareth Perry KD2SAK & Diego Sanchez KD2RLM

8:30 AM EDT 1230z

Opening Remarks / Webinar Opens

  • Dr. Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF
  • Dr. Jeff Gingerich (Provost)
  • Dr. Michelle Maldonado (Dean)


The University of Scranton
8:45 AM EDT 1245z Overview of the Personal Space Weather Station and Project Update Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF The University of Scranton
9:00 AM EDT 1300z TangerineSDR Data Engine and Overall Architecture Scotty Cowling WA2DFI TAPR
9:20 AM EDT 1320z TangerineSDR Clock Module Design John Ackermann N8UR TAPR
9:40 AM EDT 1340z Mid-latitude Irregularities in the Early Results from the Ionospheric Sounding Mode Using Chirp Ionosondes of Opportunity for the HamSCI Personal Space Weather Station Dev Joshi KC3PVE The University of Scranton
10:00 AM EDT 1400z PSWS Grape Hardware: Version 1.0 and Pilot Experiments Kristina Collins KD8OXT Case Western Reserve University
10:20 AM EDT 1420z PSWS Grape Hardware: The Second Generation John Gibbons N8OBJ Case Western Reserve University
10:40 AM EDT 1440z Estimation of Ionospheric Layer Height Changes From Doppler Frequency and Time of Flight Measurements on HF Skywave Signals Steve Cerwin WA5FRF HamSCI Community
11:00 AM EDT 1500z

Break (Moderators: Dev Joshi KC3PVE & David Kazdan AD8Y)


Oral Session II
Personal Space Weather Station Engineering & Science

Chair: Phil Erickson W1PJE
Zoom Moderators: Dev Joshi KC3PVE & David Kazdan AD8Y

11:20 AM EDT 1520z PSWS Ground Magnetometer Hardware

Julius Madey K2KGJ & David Witten KD0EAG

HamSCI Community
11:40 AM EDT 1540z Preliminary Data Analysis of PSWS Magnetometer Data Hyomin Kim KD2MCR New Jersey Institute of Technology
12:00 PM EDT 1600z VLF Module for Tangerine SDR Progress Update Jonathan Rizzo KC3EEY The University of Scranton (Alumnus)
12:20 PM EDT 1620z TangerineSDR Software Demo Bill Engelke AB4EJ University of Alabama
12:40 PM EDT 1640z Toward interpretation of HF propagation data obtained by the HamSCI Community – Ray Tracers and Ionospheric Models. Stephen Kaeppler AD0AE Clemson University
1:00 PM EDT 1700z

Lunch Discussion (Open Webinar with Panelists)

Panelists: Angel Vazquez WP3R, Scotty Cowling WA2DFI, Steve Cerwin WA5FRF, David McGaw N1HAC

Oral Session III

Chair: Kristina Collins KD8OXT
Zoom Moderators: Bill Liles NQ6Z and Veronica Romanek KD2UHN

2:00 PM EDT 1800z QRV: Newbie YL Perspectives on Becoming a Ham Citizen Scientist

Laura Brandt KC3QGP

Elizabeth MacDonald KJ7RUB

New Mexico Consortium / NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
2:20 PM EDT 1820z Survey of ionospheric F2 region variability from the lower atmosphere: drivers and responses I R. Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA HamSCI Community
2:40 PM EDT 1840z Survey of ionospheric F2 region variability from the lower atmosphere: drivers and responses II Phil Erickson W1PJE MIT Haystack Observatory
3:00 PM EDT 1900z Traveling ionospheric disturbances tracked through Doppler-shifted AM radio transmissions Claire C. Trop Dartmouth College
3:20 PM EDT 1920z Observing Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances using HamSCI Amateur Radio: Validation and Climatology Diego Sanchez KD2RLM Essex County College / New Jersey Institute of Technology
3:40 PM EDT 1940z Statistical Perspectives On the Human Factor in Spot Data from RBN and WSPR Networks David Campbell Clemson University
4:00 PM EDT 2000z Break (Moderators: Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA, Veronica Romanek KD2UHN, & Bill Liles NQ6Z)    

Oral Session IV

Chair: Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF
Zoom Moderators: Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA & Francis Tholley

4:30 PM EDT 2030z Long delayed radio echoes – the illusive secret of the ionosphere Sverre Holm LA3ZA University of Oslo
4:50 PM EDT 2050z ‘Sprinkles’ or ‘Mirrors’? Exploring the true nature of VHF propagation via sporadic-E Chris Deacon G4IFX University of Bath
5:10 PM EDT 2110z Viability of nowcasting solar flare-driven radio-blackouts using SuperDARN HF radars Shibaji Chakraborty KN4BMT Virginia Tech

Keynote Address

Chair: Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF
Zoom Moderators: Bill Liles NQ6Z & Elizabeth MacDonald KJ7RUB

5:30 PM EDT 2130z KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The History of Radio Elizabeth Bruton Science Museum of London
6:30 PM EDT 2230z Closing Discussion and Remarks Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF The University of Scranton

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Eastern Daylight Time UTC Title Presenter Organization

Invited Tutorials
Midlatitude Ionospheric Science

Chair: Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF
Zoom Moderators: Phil Erickson W1PJE & Diego Sanchez KD2RLM

8:30 AM EDT 1230z Webinar Opens    
8:45 AM EDT 1245z Opening Remarks Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF The University of Scranton
9:00 AM EDT 1300z INVITED SCIENTIST TUTORIAL: Midlatitude Ionospheric Physics J. Michael Ruohoniemi Virginia Tech
9:45 AM EDT 1345z INVITED AMATEUR RADIO TUTORIAL: Amateur Radio Observations and The Science of Midlatitude Sporadic E Joseph Dzekevich K1YOW HamSCI Community
10:30 AM EDT 1430z



Experiment Co-Design Session

Chair: Kristina Collins KD8OXT
Zoom Moderators: Veronica Romanek KD2UHN & Shaaf Sarwar KC3PVF

10:45 AM EDT 1445z Experiment Co-Design Session - links at https://hamsci.org/codesign    
12:00 PM EDT 1600z

Lunch Discussion (Open Meeting - Everyone Moves to New iPoster Zoom Meeting Link)
Moderators: George Byrkit K9TRV, Dev Joshi KC3PVE, & Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF

iPoster Session
HamSCI Posters/Demos

Chair: Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF
Zoom Moderator: Laurie McCoy


iPoster Gallery Link

1:00 PM EDT 1700z

Poster Session Instructions

Nathaniel Frissel W2NAF The University of Scranton

iPoster Breakout Room 1

Breakout Room Chair: Gareth Perry, KD2SAK
Zoom Moderators: Veronica Romanek KD2UHN & Shaaf Sarwar KC3PVF

1:10 PM EDT 1710z December 2020 Eclipse Festival Analysis Kristina Collins KD8OXT Case Western Reserve University
1:20 PM EDT 1720z A Survey of HF Doppler TID Signatures Observed Using a Grape in New Jersey Veronica Romanek KD2UHN The University of Scranton
1:30 PM EDT 1730z Data Collection from WWV, WWVH, and WWVB: A Histoanatomy of NIST's Radio Beacon Transmissions David Kazdan AD8Y Case Western Reserve University
1:40 PM EDT 1740z e-POP RRI observations of the April 24, 2020 ARRL Frequency Measuring Test Brian O'Donnell New Jersey Institute of Technology
1:50 PM EDT 1750z K2MFF: Nearly a Century of Advancing the Radio Art at NJIT Gareth Perry KD2SAK New Jersey Institute of Technology
2:00 PM EDT 1800z W3USR and The Great Collegiate Shortwave Listening Contest M. Shaaf Sarwar KC3PVF The University of Scranton

iPoster Breakout Room 2

Breakout Room Chair: Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA
Zoom Moderator: Diego Sanchez KD2RLM

1:10 PM EDT 1710z Visualising propagation to mid-latitudes from a shipboard WSPR transmitter on a passage from 27˚N to 70˚S using the WsprDaemon database, and how to access the data Gwyn Griffiths G3ZIL and Rob Robinett AI6VN HamSCI Community
1:20 PM EDT 1720z WSPR at Midlatitudes from KN4NBI: A Year of Data at Solar Minimum Douglas G. Richards KN4NBI Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club
1:30 PM EDT 1730z Characterization of Sporadic E Propagation in WSPRNet Spot Records Jeanette Zhou KN6DAD AMSAT
1:40 PM EDT 1740z Beacon Programme to study inland Tropo in South Africa Hans van de Groenendaal ZS6AKV South African Radio League/ AMSATSA
1:50 PM EDT 1750z Simulation and Comparison of Weak-Signal VHF Propagation Nolan Pearce KE8JCT West Point
2:00 PM EDT 1800z The Oldest Cadet Club, Today: W2KGY Pat McGurrin KD2SUE West Point

iPoster Breakout Room 3

Breakout Room Chair: George Byrkit K9TRV
Zoom Moderator: Francis Tholley

1:10 PM EDT 1710z IONSOUND HDX TURBO: Skywave Propagation Prediction Software For Amateur, Professional And Military Applications Jacob Handwerker W1FM Yankee Clipper Contest Club
1:20 PM EDT 1720z Implementation of a point-to-point ray tracer Scott Driggers Clemson University
1:30 PM EDT 1730z prop.kc2g.com: Developing an Open-Source HF Propagation Prediction Tool Andrew Rodland KC2G Fair Lawn ARC / YCCC
1:40 PM EDT 1740z Use of the Short Wave Radio to prove the ionosphere with students from a public school in Brazil Alexandre Takio Kitagawa PU1KTA Indaial's Departament of Education
1:50 PM EDT 1750z "Geocaching" in the Ionosphere Robert Westphal DJ4FF DARC
2:00 PM EDT 1800z Introduction of Activities at Berkeley ARC W6BB Michael Zuerch NT6V University of California Berkeley

iPoster Breakout Room 4

Breakout Room Chair: Bill Liles NQ6Z
Zoom Moderator: Laura Brandt KC3QGP

1:10 PM EDT 1710z Thunderstorms as Possible HF Radiation Sources of Propagation Teepee Signatures Shing Fung NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
1:20 PM EDT 1720z InFlaMo – an European SID Monitoring Network Celebrates its First Solar Cycle Michael Danielides Danielides Space Science Consulting
1:30 PM EDT 1730z The use of the Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance Radio Telescope to predict the signal and observe the North American 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Richard A Russel AC0UB Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers
1:40 PM EDT 1740z RJOVER: An alternative approach using SDR technology to reduce costs for the NASA Radio JOVE citizen science effort Skylar Dannhoff KD9JPX Case Western Reserve University
1:50 PM EDT 1750z Gallifray: A VLBI Geometric Modelling and Parameter Estimation Framework for Black hole images using Bayesian Techniques Saurabh University of Delhi
2:00 PM EDT 1800z W8EDU: Case Amateur Radio Club from 2010 to 2021 Aidan Montare KB3UMD Case Western Reserve University

iPoster Breakout Room 5

Breakout Room Chair: Jim Breakall WA3FET
Zoom Moderator: Cuong Nguyen

1:10 PM EDT 1710z Plasma Bubble and Blob Events in the F-region Ionosphere Sovit Khadka New Jersey Institute of Technology
1:20 PM EDT 1720z History of Antenna Technology at the Arecibo Observatory, Arecibo Puerto Rico James K. Breakall WA3FET Penn State University
1:30 PM EDT 1730z Introduction to Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) Cuong Nguyen The University of Scranton
1:40 PM EDT 1740z SMART Ground Based Magnetometer Array - an Initial Look Noel Petit WB0VGI Augsburg University 
1:50 PM EDT 1750z WW0WWV: WWV Amateur Radio Club Dave Swartz W0DAS WW0WWV
3:10 PM EDT 1910z Open Poster Discusion Time    
5:00 PM 2100z Closing Discussion and Remarks Nathaniel Frissell W2NAF The University of Scranton