HamSCI is Active on Social Media

HamSCI is Active on Social Media

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Tuesday, August 15, 2023 - 21:52

Explore the world of ham radio citizen science with HamSCI's exciting social media channels! 

Engage in captivating discussions, receive real-time updates, and gain insights into the latest developments in ionospheric research. Connect with a dynamic community of radio enthusiasts, experts, and scientists, all dedicated to novel uses of communication technology. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and Instagram to stay informed of groundbreaking experiments and interact with fellow enthusiasts. Come join our lively community today and help us advance the frontiers of amateur radio and scientific exploration at HamSCI

Submitted by HamSCI member McKenzie Denton, KO4GLN

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Image courtesy of Jojhnjoy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons